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10 Top Native Ads Platforms In 2022

Feb 12, 2022 | DIGITAL MARKETING | 0 comments

If you are looking for 10 Top Native ads platforms for your businesses, then you are in the right place. If you are a businessman, a public figure, an influencer, want to promote your brand, or a content creator, no matter what you are, you will need a platform to connect your targeted audience to increase your popularity and to become established.

As companies and entrepreneurs reassess their advertising investment throughout the pandemic, native ads grow popular. Before diving into the top native ads platforms, we need to know what Native Ads are.

What are native ads?

Native Advertising is one kind of paid ad designed to look much similar to the media content they appear.

It is mostly found in social media platforms or webpage recommended content. Native ads look different from regular ads. It doesn’t look like ads. Mostly they look like a part of regular content on a web page. They are non-disruptive ads.

Here are some most popular ways how native ads appear:

1. Content Recommendations:

Most of the time, native ads appear in the middle or below the web content or article you are currently reading.

2. Search and Promoted Listings:

Here native ads appear in the sidebar of web content. When you are searching for something in the search engine, It can appear right at the top of your search result page.

3. In-Feed Advertisement:

These native ads appear like other web content when scrolling down your web page. Most of the time, these features are used by social platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

There are huge Benefits of Native Ads.

Such as:

  • It Improved Impressions and Engagement.
  • These Native Advertisements Are More Relevant than other casual ads.
  • Publishers can control their Native Advertising.
  • It increases the Chance to Reach Target Audience
  • Native Ads have Device Responsiveness.

Here are our deeply researched, most used, and famous Top 10 Native ads platforms available today.

10 Top Native ads platforms:

1. Outbrain

What is Outbrain?

Outbrain is one of the best and most popular native advertising platforms some top publishers use, like The Guardian and the BBC. This ad network allows the publishers to gain access to top DSPs. It’s a leading self-served native ads platform.

Why should you use Outbrain?

Outbrain delivered each month almost 290M native ads from over 55 countries. It can reach 1.3 billion people worldwide. It can show 5x higher ad visibility than banners and 3x higher time on-site than banners.

Outbrain mainly helps agencies, brands, and advertisers to connect them to one-third of the world’s leading consumers. You can show your ads to high-quality audiences through popular and 5-star publishing networks.

Using Outbrain amplify consumers will discover your brand, which will help you target the most engaged audiences. Here you can independently set your ads campaign budget and CPC rate.

Key Features:

  • Intelligent Placements
  • Native Campaign Support
  • Traffic shaping
  • Audience Targeting
  • A/B Testing and Brand Management

2. Taboola

What is Taboola?

Taboola is another popular native advertising platform that helps you generate more traffic to your website. Some popular publishers like USA Today, The Huffington Post, and others used Taboola. It is also a world-famous content discovery platform.

Why should you use Taboola?

Each month Taboola serves almost one billion people to their 360 billion content recommendations with the help of the world’s top publishers. Your articles and ads are recommended on lots of top websites and applications.

You can set your campaign based on time, location, connection type, browser type, audience segments, and many more. It helps you reach your content, articles, blogs, apps, videos, and other things to over One billion users around the web.

It has powerful targeting and reaching options to reach more and more organic customers. You can also monitor your workflow to increase performance by identifying what’s working best. With this, you will know where you should improve and where not.

Using Taboola, you can categorize your advertisement according to its quality and subject. This tool will help you to reach your ads to the targeted customers.

Key Features:

  • Taboola Predictive Engine
  • Taboola’s Smart Bid feature
  • Advanced Targeting
  • Publisher Acceptance

3. Nativo

What is Nativo?

Nativo is an advertising platform that mainly serves native ads. It’s a Leading Native Advertising Platform.

Why should you use Nativo?

Nativo serves for the wall street journal, Time Inc and Dow Jones, but it does not impose any traffic restrictions. Nativo’s technology ensures that your native ads will appear in a targeted audience based on their interest on the internet. As a result, you can select your audience and get an effective result.

Using Nativo, you can monitor your performance and your visitor’s activity. It has advanced native advertising technology, and It’s a cookie-free advertising delivery technology.

A DSP lets you quickly access several companies using one user platform. It provides you with the chance to focus on various traffic like web, in-app, and email traffic.

Key Features:

  • Native Advertising
  • Audience Targeting
  • Cookie-free ad delivery technology

4. Yahoo Gemini

What is Yahoo Gemini?

Yahoo Gemini is a platform that provides both native advertisings and searches in one place.

Why should you use MGID?

Yahoo Gemini helps advertise to reach mobile customers effectively and relevant way. Yahoo has around 430 million mobile users per month. So, you will reach your content to many people on this platform.

Yahoo Gemini has a targeting advertisement option that includes broad and exact matches, negative keywords, and geotargeting. Yahoo’s native ads mainly appear on the yahoo homepage and the yahoo products like mobile search, mail, yahoo finance, my yahoo, Yahoo Entertainment, yahoo groups, autos, homes, travel, music, TV, movies, Yahoo Lifestyles, celebrities, yahoo news, and sports.

In this section, ads will be automatically adapted to the types of devices, mobile, tablet, or computer. You can also have an option to import your ad campaign from google ads. You can see your traffic estimations while setting up your traffic targeting options. It will help you to know which volumes can be expected.

Key Features:

  • Real-Time Feed
  • Video and Carousel feature.
  • Import data from excel.

5. TripleLift

What is TripleLift?

TripleLift is a native programmatic advertising platform that serves mainly the world’s leading publishers, demand-side platforms, streaming companies, and brands. Every month TripleLift executes almost 1 trillion ad transactions.

Why should you use TripleLift?

If you want to make your business or brand more engaging, attractive, and more visible, you should use TripleLift. It helps you build a relationship directly with the publishers to ensure better performance and a safe environment.

It will take your native advertising to the next level. Regardless of what resources you’ve got for your use, TripleLift’s enhanced functions make your creatives look unique and fit perfectly no matter what the context.

For your brand campaigns, it will help you to reach your content many consumers. It has a TripleLift has a great support team.

Key Features:

  • Native programmatic advertising platform
  • Audience Engagement
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Inventory Management

6. RevContent

What is RevContent?

RevContent is a leading and top-growing native advertising platform. Each month RevContent can offer up to 250 billion unique content recommendations.

Why should you use RevContent?

RevContent has a specialty in content discovery. To help the publishers and advertisers connect with a quality target audience and enhance their experience RevContent uses high-tech software and expert partnerships.

It mainly cooperates with media publishers, affiliates, brands, and many more. RevContent itself advertises itself as the provider of high-quality traffics.

It rejects many publishers because they are not complying with its quality standards, making RevContent one of the best and world’s leading publisher sites.

Revcontent helps marketers tap into highly engaged viewers at all phases associated with the advertising and marketing channel, allowing brands to expand reach getting loyal customers while increasing sales. You can also customize its built-in ads widgets according to your preferences.

Key Features:

  • Granular brand safety and content quality controls
  • High-quality traffic. Premium publishers.
  • Guaranteed revenue uplift
  • Unique, first-party demand
  • Lighter, faster content recommendation technology

7. Dianomi

What is Dianomi?

Diamond is another popular native ads publishing site that mainly offers finance and business-related services.

Why should you use Diamond?

Diamond will help you show your native ads into different finance publications, multi-topic websites, finance websites, business-related websites, dedicated finance sections, and many more.

It works over 350 premium financial platforms and business-like Business Insider, MarketWatch, Telegraph, many others. With the help of Diamond, you can promote your whitepapers, infographics, videos, sponsored articles, newsletter, and many more.

It helps advertisers to understand their target audiences better. It provides data about your website’s visitors’ behaviour, interests in a topic, and job functions.

You can also check which ads customers gather most and get an idea of how you can improve compared to your competitors. It would be best to look into this platform to promote your brands or business through online native ads.

Key Features:

  • Native Advertising
  • Audience Targeting
  • Benchmarking
  • Analytics


What is MGID?

MGID is a programmatic native advertising platform that mainly helps to monetize a website, build a new audience, acquire visitors, and increase traffic to your site.

Why should you use MGID?

Using MGID, you can create native ads and publish them to get more traffic. MGID is a platform that seamlessly can distribute your message at the right time to the right user to get more engagement.

It helps you to maximize your campaign performance by handling your advertisements. MGID helps you get more traffic by showing ads and their relevant content with the help of its Ai-based matching algorithm. It’s an effective way to get more audience.

You can re-engage those users who have shown their interest in your brand. Using MGID’s In-depth audience targeting feature, you can reach your brand or contacts to more users.

Key Features:

  • Native Advertising
  • Chase high-intent audiences
  • Vast retargeting arsenal
  • 24/7 account and tech-support

9. Plista

What is Plista?

Plista is a global native advertising platform that provides direct, single-source accessibility a broad profile of native solutions.

Why should you use Plista?

Plista mainly offers three effective native ad formats: Native Recommendation Ads: Here ad will appear as an image or text recommendation into the website content. It fits perfectly within the surroundings according to the web page contents.

Native Content Distribution: In this section, tour native ads will appear in blog articles or social media content on premium websites. It helps you reach your ads to more people in your targeted groups.

Native Outstream Ads: Your ads will appear between the paragraphs to get more attention in this feature. You can also customize its prebuild video ads.

This contraption assists the publishers to get the best out of their website and benefit from outstanding content monetization increased sustainable traffic growth.

Key Features:

  • Native Advertising
  • Campaign Analytics
  • Display Ad Management
  • Brand uplift and recall
  • Individual ad design

10. AdUp

What is AdUp?

Adam is a native advertising platform designed to help small businesses. It mainly connects the campaigns with the publishers using automation and machine learning technology.

Why should you use AdUp?

The system analyzes campaigns comparable to their particular performance per device and page every 2nd, and thus, you know what you can count.

They are using assisted optimization that you could rest well. Each time a max. CPC quote would dramatically induce higher conversion expenses; the system immediately reduces the bid.

You can use their CPC bot if you don’t have enough time to optimize your CPCs in the campaign runtime. The CPCs tend to be completely controlled and modified separately based on the target CPO.

Using up, you can upload your external conversions to your advertiser account for your campaign with the help of their latest feature.

Key Features:

  • Geotargeting
  • Keyword targeting
  • Retargeting


As you see, there are a lot of Native advertising platforms available out there. After studying the current market, we finally successfully filtered them out to help you choose the right tool. Some are built-in automated features where you don’t have to work much to run your ads. With the help of this native ads platform, you will cut a good figure in your business.