Digital Marketing Tools You Should Have

13 Digital Marketing Tools Everyone Should Have

Feb 5, 2022 | DIGITAL MARKETING | 0 comments

If your business doesn’t have an appropriate marketing tactic, you should know that much of your revenue is amiss.   In the current time’s, the field of  Digital Marketers is getting their presence in every corner in the online and offline marketing sector if you’re a business holder and want to improve your position in the search result! Then you should’ve got the necessity to apply a unique marketing tactic to fall your competitor behind and like to have a high quantity of traffic then you are in the right place. 

It’s time to have a look at 13 Digital Marketing tools that you should have

1. Mailchimp – Digital Marketing Tools

What Is Mailchimp?

Mailchimp is a kind of email service provider. It is a marketing platform and advertising automation system designed and developed for business email that reaches their particular target markets.

Why should you use Mailchimp?

You can create your custom email templates nurture and automate your whole advertising and marketing campaigns. It is an application based on the web, so you can use it like hovering on the web.

Its’ main work is to send newsletters and automatic email messages to increase your online business outcomes. Marketing with email allows you to relate with your visitors. Besides, it also helps you to build and develop important, meaningful, long-lasting relationships with all of them.

Key Features

  • MailChimp has an excellent user-friendly interface and features. Such as:
  • Social media integration.
  • Automated workflows.
  • Automatic real-time reports.
  • Customisable forms and templates.

2. Hotjar – Digital Marketing Tools

What Is Hotjar?

Hotjar is just a product knowledge insights device that gives you behaviour analytics and feedback information to help you empathise and comprehend your customers.

Why should you use Hotjar?

Hotjar heatmaps show you how the users are interacting with your website. Using Hotjar, you will know which areas of your website are getting much attention and which areas are not. As a result, you will identify your visitor’s interests and need.

Hotjar allows keeping your visitor’s recordings to identify how they utilise your website. You can improve your website’s internal lackings and optimise them properly using these features.

Key Features

  • Heatmaps
  • Conversion funnel reports
  • Form analysis
  • Surveys
  • Visitor recordings
  • Feedback polls

3. HubSpot Sales Hub – Digital Marketing Tools

What Is HubSpot Sales Hub?

HubSpot Sales Hub is a product sales CRM that provides further knowledge about your leads automating. It effectively helps you to close more deals faster.

Why should you use HubSpot Sales Hub?

HubSpot Sales Hub is the most popular tool to develop your advertising through a digital system. It’s an effective CRM platform. That includes sales management tools, reporting and analytics, quote and CPQ functionality, and more. 

It can save you vital time and effort by turning your most valuable product sales email into templates, and Hubspot can share it with your group. 

You can build a library of accommodating sales content for your whole team. 

To focus on your sales calls, you may make and record your calls directly. In your CRM, you can instantly log them.

Key Features

  • Email Templates and Tracking.
  • Document Management and Tracking
  • Conversation Intelligence
  • Call Tracking
  • Sales Automation

4. Trello – Digital Marketing Tools

About Is Trello?

Trello is a well-known project management and team collaboration tool designed to manage various projects, highlight different tasks, track team projects, and help organise them.  

Why should you use Trello?

When you work with a productive team, you need a powerful tool. Trello provides various functions that allow you to develop and manage projects in different paths.

It also supports hundreds of different third-party apps and services. Such as OneDrive, Google Drive, Slack, Github, and many more.

With the help of Trello’s built-in automation system called Butler, you can reduce your’s valuable time.

Key Features

  • Automated workflow
  • Well-Organized Board and Card System
  • Collaboration with other popular third parties applications.
  • Maximum Security

5. Sprout Social – Digital Marketing Tools

What is sprout social?

Sprout Social is a tool used for social networking management, marketing, and analytics. It can help users construct a more robust relationship on the social platform.

Why should you use Trello?

It is too hard to monitor and manage your social media being differently. Here Sprout Social gives you a total solution by engaging all of your messages in a single place. You can also track all of your social media comments, notifications, reviews, tags, and many more.

Sprout social offers analyse your data, which helps you maintain your social media marketing efforts. 

It gives you a detailed cross-network report, competitor reports, and many more.

It suggests automatic answers for generally mention questions.

Key Features

  • Smart Inbox
  • Message Completion
  • Mobile Inbox Push Notifications
  • Saved Replies
  • Mobile Engagement
  • Team & Productivity Reporting 

6. Hootsuite – Digital Marketing Tools

What is Hootsuite?

Hootsuite is one kind of social media management tool. It mainly covers almost all social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, et cetera.

Why should you use Hootsuite?

This tool can help you to operate your entire social platform. It helps to schedule and gather data into one report. You can also monitor your social media activity and connect with Hootsuite users.

Hootsuite lets you monitor your media involvement, which can be personal, and quickly recognise your social media profile.

Hootsuite reports all of your social media activities into one familiar interface.

The users can use HootSuite to boost and schedule their social posts.

Key Features

  • Get Multiple Social Media activities in One Place
  • Schedule your Posts
  • View Analytics Data
  • Team Collaboration

7. Google Analytics – Digital Marketing Tools

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a web-based free analytics tool service in which you need to analyse all of your business data in one place.

Why should you use Google Analytics?  

  1. Firstly, it’s accessible and user-friendly.
  2. Using Google Analytics, you will find how people can reach your website
  3. You can track what the visitors are doing while visiting your website.
  4. You can find the most popular and visited pages on your site.
  5. It lends a hand to you to follow your visitor’s conversations, et Cetra.

Key Features

  • Analytics website data.
  • Know about your users.
  • Website conversions and user activity.
  • Campaign Measurement.

8. Facebook’s Power Editor

What is Facebook’s Power Editor?

Facebook’s Power Editor is an advanced Facebook ads creation and management tool. Primarily it is used by larger Facebook advertisers. 

It helps to manage multiple ads on Facebook and campaigns. 

Why should you use Facebook’s Power Editor? 

Facebook’s Power Editor has a lot of essential features. Using this, you will get early access to the new features before they roll out to the typical Ads Manager Area.

You can execute your ads in a particular time zone as stated by your audience.

If you want to run many ads or already run them, you can upload them using Excel Spreadsheet. 

Key Features

  • Import and Export your Campaigns.
  • Bulk Import with A/B Testing.
  • Editable Existing Campaigns
  • Power Editor Tags For Better Organization 
  • You are showing the organic posts only to specific locations and languages.
  • Extend the Reach To Instagram.

9. Buffer – Digital Marketing Tools

What is buffer?

Buffer is the most authentic, affordable, and intuitive way to gather more people through social media. It’s a simple web application tool to schedule your social posts on various popular social platforms.

Why should you use a buffer? 

  1. You can originate a custom schedule for each profile or platform by using the Buffer tool for your posts.
  2. Control your social media platform and approve, draft, publish your posts from anywhere with a connected device.
  3. With the buffer browser extension, you can share your favourite article.
  4. It also provides a feature to observe and track your most engaging content.
  5. You can also integrate buffer with the apps you use most.

Key Features

  • Scheduling Posts
  • Detailed analytics
  • Cross-Posting
  • Management Flexibility
  • Multiple social networks

10. Dropbox – Digital Marketing Tools

What is Dropbox?

Dropbox is an online file sharing, saving, and syncing tool. File shared or saved in Dropbox can be exchangeable from anywhere. It also can be shared on mobile devices and with those people who don’t have any dropbox account.

Why should you use Dropbox? 

  1. File stored in Dropbox will be secured and safe. And you can use your files from anywhere with any device.
  2. You are able to share your files rapidly with anyone. No matter what, your files are too big or small.
  3. You can keep your files secure with multiple layers of protection.
  4. It is incredibly user-friendly and convenient.
  5. You can access your files while you will be in offline.

Key Features

  • It is free
  • Easy to use
  • Backup
  • File sharing and collaboration
  • Access your files without an Internet connection
  • Security
  • Mobility

11. Buzzsumo – Digital Marketing Tools

What is Buzzsumo?

Buzzsumo is an online tool you can use to Analyze and research to uncover the best engagement content across social and search. 

It will help you find new trending stories, keywords, customer questions.

How does Buzzsumo get useful for you? 

You can perform keyword research for your earmarked concept. Buzzsumo will give the best keywords for a tour specific topics. You can also filter them by language, date, country, content type, and many more.

Buzzsumo will help you to analyse your competition. Using this tool, you will be eligible to inform about your competitors.

The tool will also help you know which influencers are also working with your niche. 

Key Features

  • Open API
  • Fully Customizable workflow and content dashboard.
  • Automatic email notifications.
  • Open API
  • You can manage your videos, e-books, white papers, presentations, blog posts, emails, and landing pages.

12. Raven Tools – Digital Marketing Tools

What is Raven Tools? 

Raven is an advanced technical SEO tool for website rank tracking, audits, and reporting.

This is the most approved webpage audit tool.  

Why should you use Raven Tools? 

When you own a website or multiple websites, you need to audit them perfectly here Raven Tools helps you a lot. To visit your website, it offers two ways. 

Raven Tools helps to find and fix all of your website’s issues. It will also favour you to retail your website updated. With Raven, you are able to do this in a blink.

  1. You cal also compare your website and track audit progress.
  2. You can share your site audit result through an HTML link.
  3. You can use Raven Tools on any of your devices.

Key Features

  • Site Auditor
  • Competitor Research
  • Search Analytics
  • Rank Tracker
  • Semantic Analyzer
  • User friendly.

13. SEMrush – Digital Marketing Tools

What is SEMrush?

SEMrush is a famous online digital marketing tool that helps you run all kinds of Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, SEO, Pay per click, and many more. 

It is designed for those people who need helps with digital marketing.

Why should you use SEMrush? 

With the assistance of SEMrush, you can find the trends related to your industry niche. It supports you to enhance your webpage SEO. By using this tool, you will understand how to make your website better and optimise your site for better Lead Generation.

  1. SEMrush will make aware you of how your site is performing, your website traffic, et cetera.
  2. It will also recommend suitable keywords for your campaign.
  3. You may be keen to run an SEO campaign yourself, then SEMrush will be the best option.

Key Features

  • Keyword Research
  • On-page SEO
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Content Marketing
  • Link Building
  • Content Optimization
  • Website Monetization


So, in the end, there are the 13 Digital Marketing Tools You Should Have to use to maintain a sustainable marketing strategy to commit some profit and uninterrupted your journey of moving forward.