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Top 10 Influencer Marketing Platforms

Feb 26, 2022 | DIGITAL MARKETING, TOOLS / SOFTWARES | 0 comments

The influencer platform serves as a support to ease the lives of both agencies and brands as they manage and collaborate with influencers. 

Influencer marketing platforms are software solutions designed to support brand influencer marketing campaigns. The influencer marketing platform provides influencer detection tools for brands and agencies. Others provide a huge searchable database of potential influencers with clever algorithms.

Influencer marketplaces and platforms are a great solution for reducing the time it takes to profile and contact new influencers.

We have reviewed 10 top influencer marketplaces and platforms just for you, as we all aim to save your time!

1. Grin Best Influencer Marketing Platforms

About Grin:

Grin is an end-to-end influencer marketing management solution built for e-commerce. Grin provides the system and data you need, with full control over your relationships with influencers.

This platform is easy to use, offering all the key features that leading marketing management software should have. It organizes everything into a workflow so you never lose users. Even the largest organizations can seamlessly integrate Grin into their existing systems. Grin pulls in all registered users from e-commerce sites and finds their social profiles. This will display a list of potential influencers and related statistics. All of these statistics have been enjoyed by purchasing the product before.

Grin’s searchable database includes  Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok influencers. There are more than 100 million influencers that can be searched, of which about 37 million have email addresses. Once you’ve found the right influencer, you can use Grin’s look-a-like feature to find more influencers,  just like your favorite choices.


  • Influencer Recruitment.
  • User-Generated Content (UGC) Management.
  • Content Approval.
  • Influencer Scoring.
  • Influencer Collaboration.
  • Campaign Analytics.
  • Audience Analysis.
  • Influencer Segmentation.

2. Intellifluence Best Influencer Marketing Platforms

About Intellifluence:

Intellifluence is a large influencer marketing network platform dedicated to influencers, from peer-level micro-influencers to small celebrities with millions of followers. As a platform-agnostic network, channel flexibility leads to a  variety of use cases, from Amazon to YouTube.

Their influencer detection, messaging tools, and payment processes are all built into the platform, so you don’t have to rely on external tools to manage your campaigns. The

 is a platform that facilitates scale-ups and downs because it requires no long-term commitment, minimal budget, or expense.

Intellifluence offers the highest dollar-to-real influencer ratio. With a very affordable plan starting at $ 99 per month and a huge influencer base, Intellifluence is the best when you combine the pricing of a competitive and flexible plan with the size and quality of the influencer platform. The network takes into account the dollar-real influencer ratio in the business.


  • Influencer discovery
  • Full campaign management
  • Influencer pricing guidance
  • Internal payments to prevent influencer fraud
  • Automated campaign assistance to increase time to completion
  • Campaign wizard for easy setup
  • Advanced (Managed) plan comes with a dedicated account manager
  • Influencer messaging

3. Upfluence Best Influencer Marketing Platforms

About Upfluence:

Upfluence is another influencer marketing platform where you can find influencers wherever your brand is. Customer base, point-of-sale systems, websites, etc. You can also search the Influence database of over 4 million influencers.

Here you can find and hire the right creator for your brand and audience. Identify strong social media customers, get them involved in affiliate programs, and turn content creators into legitimate brand ambassadors.

Using Upfluence you can manage all influencer relationships in one place and track all stages of collaboration. Build long-term partnerships, create more authentic content, and win the trust of your audience.

With automated campaign management, you can always keep track of content games for creators. Build custom workflows, generate custom affiliate links, issue custom coupon codes, manage product seeds, and simplify payments to creators.

Using advanced analytics to measure the success of your campaign you can calculate  ROI, total media earned, impressions,  reach and get an overview of all media engagements. Use tracked links and native e-commerce integration to track overall campaign performance and individual influencer sales.


  • Real-time influence insights.
  • Marketing support professionals.
  • Scalable contacting tools.
  • Generated engagements.
  • influencer database.
  • Tracking technology.
  • Exportable searches.
  • Influencer bios.

4. Influence Best Influencer Marketing Platforms

About Influence:

The Influence platform is a simple and intuitive influencer marketing solution that enables complete end-to-end campaign execution. The software is one of the largest databases on the market, with over 70 million influencers.

It provides accurate influencer analysis and successfully manages brands and distributors around the world (currently with clients from over 35 countries). Their campaign makes decisions based on data.

This helps marketers improve their strategies when working with influencers. This analysis includes, among other things, influencer KPIs, fake follower detention, profits, or brand affinity. Influencer audience data is also provided. Analysis of demographics, interests, brand affinity, and audience duplication. This is very helpful when deciding on a group of influencers.

Influence currently offers one of the largest influencer databases on the market, with a very powerful search engine that works all over the world. They do not intervene in the influencer recruitment process, so they have complete freedom in contacting and negotiating with influencers. We also offer multiple ways to contact your support team (online chat, phone, email), so you can take full advantage of your plans to be fully customized to your company’s needs.

It also provides this detailed data for influencer campaigns. It’s easy to see what types of audiences influencers have reached, and how well their audiences have received those posts.


  • CSV export
  • Large influencer database (+70M)
  • Campaign management tool
  • Complete influencer and audience analysis
  • Complete database organization
  • Campaign results’ estimation
  • Real-time influencer and post analysis
  • Audience overlapping analysis

5. Neoreach Best Influencer Marketing Platforms

About Neoreach:

Neoreach is another popular self-service influencer marketing platform that takes pride in having an elite database of over 3 million macro-influencers.

NeoReach enables brands and agencies to build their influencer networks and streamline influencer programs. Influencers are a new trendsetter and brands want to harness the value of influencer marketing.

Some of the top international companies like Airbnb, Amazon, TikTok, Walmart, and BET Networks are all using Neoreach for influencer marketing efforts and you can see how powerful and reliable this platform is.

Neoreach is expected to have excellent search accuracy, analytics, and campaign management. 40 search filters offer many opportunities to narrow down your influencer list. Other great features include automated workflows, real-time analytics, and API integration.

NeoReach is For large enterprises, not designed for small businesses, and has customer-customized annual subscription fees ranging from $ 50,000 to $ 500,000.


  • Campaign Management
  • API
  • Reporting & Statistics
  • Activity Dashboard
  • Data Import/Export
  • Campaign Analytics
  • Content Management
  • Contact Management

6. Influsoft Best Influencer Marketing Platforms

About Influsoft:

Influsoft is a completely comprehensive platform that provides the insights users need to track and achieve their goals.

It focuses on corporate customers. Therefore, for small businesses, it is advisable to focus on one of the other platforms listed here. Its creator, Viral Nation, built Influsoft as a tool and then spun it off as another entity. Viral Nation is the first customer and now claims to be working with Tencent Games, Canon, Activision Blizzard,  Facebook Oculus, and Elite Model World.

With Influsoft’s Discovery module, you can search millions of influencers, narrow down and filter your search based on more detailed criteria, get a large amount of data about each person, and have the potential to work with influencers. You can create and organize a list of influencers. However, Influencer considers the first-party data it collects when it begins to work with influencers to be more important.

Influsoft’s main functions can be divided into three categories: planning, measurement, and listening. The Plan module performs all pre-campaign tasks. This makes it a top-notch project management tool. The Measurements section shows all the analyzes related to the success of your campaign and compares your actual performance to the goals you set for your campaign. The list area continues to analyze the campaign.


  • Incredible level of detail and thought on all features.
  • Collaboration and internal communication tools are top-notch.
  • Detailed YouTube stats and indicators.
  • AI reveals deep insights into content engagement

7. Fourstarzz Media Best Influencer Marketing Platforms

About Fourstarzz Media:

The Fourstarzz Media platform was built to meet the needs of small businesses. They focus on nano and micro-influencers.

It is unique in that it provides unlimited access to over 700,000 pre-validated influencer profiles, including access to in-depth influencer reports. Each report includes subscriber quality ratings, audience details (gender, age, location), and more. Filtering capabilities are based on demographics, location, language, interests, reach, engagement, estimated price, and more.

This platform search allows you to search by hashtag, bio keyword search, and brand similarity search. The in-app campaign tracker lets you monitor campaign progress and compare influencers.

It offers the best at the lowest price. Unlimited access combined with price and quality of the database. Subscriptions are monthly and can be cancelled at any time. It’s really easy to use.


  • Access to 800,000+ influencer profiles
  • Influencer Pricing
  • Advanced search filters
  • Search by country and city
  • Audience demographic data
  • Influencer contact data
  • Customer support
  • Influencer marketing experts call
  • Influencer contract template

8. Heepsy Best Influencer Marketing Platforms

About Heepsy:

Heepsy is another popular influencer marketing platform where authenticity and real impact are its core value proposition. With a network of micro-influencers (5,000 followers alone) and macro-influencers, Heepsy gives you everything you need to find, launch and measure influencer campaigns.

With a great design and great user experience, it’s very easy for the average person to find the right influencers, connect with them, and build long-term relationships.

Heepsy is number on the list because it is one of the few influencer platforms you can use for free by creating a completely free account for unlimited hours!

Their two main advantages are price and database. Heepsy is one of the cheapest influencer software options and with a database of nearly 8 million influencers, it is also one of the largest influencer databases on the market.

The software also provides advanced targeting options such as targeting demographics, geography, keywords, or metrics. This tool makes it easy to identify and connect with influencers.


  • Fake followers analysis
  • Proper influencer list organization
  • Social listening tool
  • The fast influencers search panel
  • Influencer audience analysis
  • Direct export of influencers contact
  • Deep profile analytics

9. HypeAuditor Best Influencer Marketing Platforms

About HypeAuditor:

HypeAuditor is an AI-powered analysis and discovery tool for Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, and Twitch to find relevant influencers, gain insights into your audience and increase your advertiser’s ROI and influencer credibility.

You can analyze social media influencers and get stats for all accounts and channels. Use powerful account analytics to understand the level of your audience. Explore all the data you need to choose the best influencer for your marketing campaign.

It helps you to analyze Instagram influencers with over 35 valuable metrics such as engagement rate, follower growth, and comment credibility. It also helps you to avoid fake influencers and only work with real Instagram creators.

The platform has a great UX. You can see the number of influencers of fake followers and the actual engagement rate. It will greatly help you find the right influencer. The main selling point is extensive data and a good analysis of each influencer.

HypeAuditor analysis reports provide influencer location and contact information so that marketers can reach them.


  • Advanced influencer search filters.
  • Influencer fraud detection.
  • Database of 18M+ influencers.
  • 35+ metrics to analyze performance.
  • Detailed influencer reports.
  • Account performance tracking.
  • Influence Marketing Campaign tracking.
  • Performance benchmarking.

10. IZEA Best Influencer Marketing Platforms

About IZEA:

IZEA acts as an agency and brand SaaS platform, automating influencer and content marketing programs.

It began paying bloggers to produce brand-sponsored content in 2006, close to the Stone Age of influencer marketing.

They now offer a single platform that covers all aspects of influencer content production and delivery through blogs and social media accounts on Twitter and Facebook. Instagram and Youtube.

 IZEA provides marketers with a comprehensive platform search, allowing marketers to create a list of potential creators (influencer IZEA terminology). This software provides each creator with a score based on their social reach.

It offers all the benefits of an established influencer market with excellent analytical capabilities, in addition to all the premium features of influencer relationship management and campaign management tools.


  • Create opportunity
  • Target influencers
  • Bid on opportunities
  • Accept bids
  • Create content
  • Review content
  • Publish and track
  • Promote posts
  • Influencer payment


As you see, a lot of influencer marketing platforms are available out there. After studying the market, we finally successfully filtered them out.

In this article, we’ve seen quite a few influencer marketing platforms. Each has the advantage of having a different focus. In other words, we cannot recommend a general top influencer marketing platform. First, you need to decide what you are looking for most on your platform.